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I am truly in a  rare position where I get to do what I  love everyday and like to share this with my clients. My cars are represented objectively and accurately, as they truly are. Several clients are first time classic car buyers. This is why  trust is so critical to my business. These clients often require a great deal of information and I am  eager to provide it. I  always encourage clients to make an appointment to view these cars in person.

I  always try to find the nicest vehicles to offer for sale and all my cars are carefully inspected by me before I purchase them.

I also also believe that these cars can and should be enjoyed. What is the fun of having a car just to look at? I offer true investment cars  that will appreciate or hold their values rather than ones that will depreciate because of a market inflated price. Furthermore, the cars I offer can and should be driven, as we invest a great deal of time and money to make our cars wonderful drivers to be enjoyed. I have  20 years experience in buying, selling and owning all kinds of Classic Sports Cars, but our specialties are Jaguar E-types, Jaguar XK and, Mercedes 280SL,  250SL. I am not a broker and only buy cars that meet my high standards of quality, history and  strong mechanically. I focus on a low volume of quality cars, so I know them all well and because of the low volume, can take the time to make them right.

I am  always happy and excited to meet new potential clients and  car people. In addition, always looking for great classic cars with good history to buy and to offer for sale. Please feel free to contact me to say hello. Thanks for visiting my website and Happy Motoring!


Marc Corea


MotorCarTrader.com, LLC
18605 Northline Drive
Cornelius, NC 28031


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